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Main products: robot integrated workstations and production lines for welding, cutting, handling, forging, casting, machining, painting, etc; Standard modular servo positioner and servo walking track for robots; Peripheral safety protection, smoke and dust removal system, and other supporting equipment; Non standard CNC welding machines, CNC cutting machines, and other automatic welding and cutting equipment.
The company relies on its independent core technology and system integration advantages to design and manufacture various non-standard automated production equipment and production lines for customers. The products involve various fields such as engineering machinery, locomotives and vehicles, automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, petrochemical equipment, power engineering, coal machinery, heavy machinery, etc.
The company has a technical team with outstanding technology and rich experience to constantly carry out the research and development and application of new products, ensure the progressiveness of technology and products, provide advanced personalized products that truly meet customer needs, and provide customers with comprehensive services from design, production to training.



    Scientific and accurate, high-quality and efficient, sustainable development, and user satisfaction.
  • Purpose

    Adhering to contracts and keeping promises, we are willing to provide high-quality and satisfactory services to friends from all walks of life in the industry.
  • Spirit

    Continuously striving for self-improvement, embracing all rivers, challenging limits, and pursuing excellence.
  • Slogan

    Confidence, responsibility, innovation, self-discipline.

Establish a belief in winning, take efficient actions, leverage team collaboration, enhance group participation and interactivity, enhance the cohesion, innovation, and execution of the enterprise, and create an efficient and dynamic work culture where Shandong Aote Meisen people are willing to take responsibility, face challenges, speak and act, and fulfill their promises.

Learning philosophy: Work towards learning, work towards learning, and create a learning oriented enterprise.

The service concept of meeting the needs of users is our pursuit, a new starting point for our work, and a driving force for us to move forward courageously.

Team consciousness, unity, strength

Talent concept: Talent is the first resource of an enterprise; Everyone has potential, and everyone can become talented.

Market concept: Customer praise and smiles are the market; The concept and choice of enterprises are the market; The feelings and behaviors of employees are the market

Rigorous and pragmatic work style, daring to work hard, brave and dedicated

Code of Conduct, Abide by Duty, Lead by Example, Proficient in Business, Efficient in Handling Matters

Core values, innovation, dedication, integrity, unity


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