The final of the 6th Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone Employee Vocational Skills Competition (Industrial Robot Operation and Adjustment Worker) was held

Release time:2023-10-10 14:06:43

The robot industry is known as the "pearl at the top of the manufacturing crown" and has developed rapidly in recent years. Tangshan City, Hebei Province, with a strong industrial foundation and a complete industrial system, is seizing the opportunity to enter the "fast lane" of robot industry development and inject new momentum into Tangshan's high-quality development. The patient only needs to swipe the medical card on the machine, and the robot can read the patient's prescription information. Then, it turns around and enters the "square grid" pharmacy to "grab medicine". In a short while, the prescription medicine is dispensed and dropped into a specific box, which is then handed to the patient by the pharmacist through the window. This is an integrated all drug robot intelligent pharmacy developed by Tangshan, which has been put into use in nearly 20 hospitals across the country. Nowadays, robots are not only widely used in the pharmaceutical field. On September 25th, a reporter from Pengpai News (www.thetaper. cn) saw at the Tangshan Robot Exhibition and Experience Center that the fire extinguishing and reconnaissance robot has a range of up to 85 meters; The maximum speed of the arc welding robot can reach 180 meters/minute, making it one of the fastest robots in the industry; There are also fishing robots that can achieve underwater fishing Tangshan, the old industrial city, is steadily promoting the development of high-end manufacturing. According to Hebei Daily, Tangshan currently has 75 robot related enterprises, forming a robot industry system supported by industrial robots and characterized by special robots. Among them, the scale of the special robot industry ranks first in the country. Robot Industry Cluster Helps Transformation of Industrial Old Cities As a gathering area for the robot industry in Hebei Province, Tangshan's robot industry layout dates back to the 1990s. At that time, despite Tangshan's strong manufacturing industry, the thirst for digitization and intelligence was increasing. In this context, Tangshan Panasonic Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd., the first Sino foreign joint venture in China's welding industry, was established in Tangshan in 1994, and the robot industry has since formed a connection with Tangshan.


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